Oct 15

After School Education Programe Term 4 2017



TERM 4 2017

During the school term your children can come to our to our amazing programe, where they will discover the outdoors through Farming, Nature and Food.
We work with the season’s,and the children will be harvesting, and looking at different methods of cooking fresh seasonal foods from the garden, learning about dairying, horse riding, and caring for our bigger animals
Children of all ages can come together and be a part of our Garden, Forest, and Farm life.

With the great weather this term we will see the children caring for our horses as well as riding.

In our small forest children extend themselves in the trees, create shelters and cook on our camp fire.

Our After School Education Programme runs Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday of each week during the school term

Starting: Tuesday 10th October 3.00pm to 5pm
Cost $25.00 per session  $225.00 per term

Pick up from school by arrangement